چرا باید سیر را ناشتا خورد

Why should you fast the garlic?

Garlic is a native Indian plant, and if it is taken fast, it works like a completely antibiotic

But why fasting? In this article, we want to answer the same question. Please accompany us.
No doubt you’ve heard about the great properties of garlic. You should know that for centuries Garlic has been used as a nutritional therapist with many medicinal properties. Garlic is an indigenous Indian plant, and if it is taken fast, it works like a totally normal antibiotic; but why is it fasting? In this article, we want to answer the same question. Please accompany us.

Why fasting

Because in the mornings and in the fasting state, the bacteria are less resistant and garlic affects them more quickly.

Thousand and one garlic

When you eat garlic fast you actually detoxify your body. By the same token, all of the parasites and worms in the intestine are ejected and a barrier against diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers.

Eating garlic in the fasting way also affects the flow of blood. This foodstuff reduces blood pressure and makes digestion easy.

Research results from 2001 show that people who regularly eat garlic are three times less likely to suffer from colds than others.

Garlic improves cardiac, liver and bile doses. To combat diarrhea, nerve problems, inability, stress and acne are also helpful.

If you want to get away from you and your surroundings, you may want to stop the disease, such as tuberculosis, chest pain, colds, gout, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary congestion, asthma, hemorrhoids, constipation, ear infections and cramps.

The good news is that the results of the research show that people who regularly and sufficiently eat garlic are less likely to be exposed to certain cancers. Garlic researchers also believe it can protect liver tissue against toxic compounds.

Garlic increases fertility and lowers blood sugar and aging. Of course, these were only a few of the underdog properties that were briefly mentioned.

The right way to get the most out of garlic properties

Garlic has two important compounds called allicin and dialloy disulfide, which have therapeutic properties. If you take regular fasting every morning in your fast-paced manner, you will have a long life expectancy with health and well-being in the most natural way possible. If you do not like it or have a sensitive stomach, you can use garlic food supplements sold in packs at pharmacies.

* You need to know that putting garlic on the toothache will make it soothing.

* You can also use this plant for topical use and use it as a balm to relieve the bite of some insect pests or to get rid of warts.

* To relieve the common cold, it is enough to boil and cook with a boiling point of steamed garlic in warm water. It also boosts the immune system and prevents colds.

* If you suffer from rheumatism, squeeze garlic into olive oil and apply it to painful areas every morning.

If the meat is infected and swollen, crush the garlic and smooth it. Take one to two drops of this water into your meat.

* For forgetfulness and memory problems, crush garlic and sprinkle a kilogram of garlic. Then mix them with 24 lime juice and pour into a glass container. Allow your compound for 24 days to completely freeze its properties. Then drink a teaspoon of this compound every day fasting.

* To cure kidney stones, boil two tablespoons of chopped garlic in a quarter liters of boiling water for 20 minutes. Smooth the solution and take a cup of fasting in the morning and a cup of the night before bedtime.

* To relieve the menstrual pain in the first five days, eat one to two garlic cloves in the fasting state.