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Who gets the most from eating garlic?

Garlic has a warm and dry temperament and, according to traditional medicine experts, is a plant that has three types of desert, clay and mountain and is useful for the treatment of sexual cold, hair loss, heart disease and blood pressure.

Who gets the most from eating garlic?

Garlic is one of the few foods whose heat looks like instinctive body heat and is also fun. It is a blood diluent, urinating, treating and exhilarating, and eating it with respect to the individual’s time and temper, and to the extent that he maintains the body’s integrity.

That is, if a person is warm and warm in a warm environment, or if his job is in hot weather, such as taxi drivers or bakers, it is better to eat less.

But the consumption of garlic is recommended for someone who has a cool temperament and lives in a cold environment or has a low physical activity and is overweight and always has a flock of cold. Meanwhile, garlic consumption is recommended to middle-aged people more than adolescents, and it is better for these loved ones to eat garlic one day.