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Handicrafts Iran

Handicrafts Iran

Iran craftsmanship is as old as its ancient history and is, in fact, the spiritual heritage of this province. In addition to domestic reputation, it also spoke internationally and exported. Iran Handicrafts are carpet weaving, imitation leather, clay, pearl and weaving, and most importantly, pottery and ceramics of Laljin.


Garlic Iran

Garlic Iran is among the consumers of this product, and Iran is one of the main producers and exporters of the product of fresh garlic, white garlic, dry garlic throughout the world, and Iran is one of the producers of this product. This country is known for its worldwide production of garlic.


Curd Iran

Iran Curd is one of the substitutes of milk that is traditionally used to boil, condense or dry the dough which remains after the dough or fat-free yogurt. The primary ingredient in Kastak is milk lamb, goat, cow or a mixture of them. Iran Curd with its small volume, is a miraculous food.

potato iran

Potato Iran

Iran potato is a one-year-old plant that we use from the tubers in its root. Its earliest origin was in South America and was first brought to Iran by Mirza Malekm Khan, originally referred to as “Plum Malcolm”, the most important ingredient in potato starch.

pickled cucumber iran

Pickled Cucumber Iran

Pickled Cucumber Iran are a salty meal. To prepare salty cucumbers, put cucumbers in a saline, vinegar or similar solution, such as lactic acid. Like other tropical plants, the cucumber also has a low calorie content. The cucumber has enough vitamin K.

Dried Vegetables Iran

In general, herbs are any herb that is used as a food, flavor, medication, or felicitous for being sweet or delicious. Cooking uses herbs to spice herbs. Vegetables refer to green leaves or plant parts.

Walnut Iran

Walnut Iran

Iran is one of the regions where the best walnut is planted and harvested in Iran walnut is in the category of dried fruits and delicious. The type of weather that grows in walnuts has a great impact on the taste and quality of this product.

Coriander Seed Iran

Coriander Seed Iran

The most valuable coriander seeds of Iran are presented with medicinal and nutritional applications. Coriander seed is a herb that is used extensively in the preparation of foods. Coriander seeds have a very good Iran that has been

Raisin Iran

Raisin Iran

Raisin Iran is the first export commodity in Iran province, which has the highest number among all export goods. Raisins have a very popular dish and have many benefits that you will definitely love.

Dried Fruit Iran

Dried Fruit Iran

Dried Fruit Iran in any condition, and the fruit is good for you and it has benefits. In normal condition, dried fruit can be a good snack for the loss of hunger and can be kept for a long time.

Nuts Iran

Nuts Iran

Nuts Iran are said to be a mixture of nuts,which differ in composition and composition depending on the tastes and different models. Sinagostar has a long history of exporting nuts and buying nuts Iran

Medicinal Plants

Herbal Products

Because humans are a part of nature, it is definitely for each disease that the nature of the herbs has been treated. The closer the person is to nature, the healthier and the longer he lives.

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